Author: Neil

Recommended Websites

Here’s a collection of useful websites that i’ve happened across. i’ve found them useful or amusing or curious. If you have a website that you would like featured on this page then please drop a comment on here and I’ll have a looksee Ridewithpeaks is a fantastic bike and kit review website. Very worthy […]


A collection of reviews from the course feedback pages. “I’m brilliant at riding and I don’t need any extra help”. If you read this and thats you… think again! No matter what your experience or how awesome you think you are (and you might be, its cool), just book a day with Jewell training and […]

Back to Biking

After a few weeks of not riding the bike due to the COVID-19 situation and the lockdown, I was aware that skill-fade is a real and dangerous issue. I eased myself back into riding and slowly brought myself back up to speed with constant reflection on my ride throughout the journey. Being self aware and […]

First Ever Trackday

I have been riding many miles for many years. I had never done a trackday until the 22/07/2020. Through some pals met on Twitter I arranged a trackday at Oulton Park. It’s my local track so thought it would be fine to ride there, ride around the track and return home hopefully having enjoyed the […]

Wales Trip

I was recently asked to join a trip around Wales with some fellow bikers to take in the beautiful scenery that Wales has to offer. Check out for details and enjoy some of these videos.