First Ever Trackday

I have been riding many miles for many years. I had never done a trackday until the 22/07/2020. Through some pals met on Twitter I arranged a trackday at Oulton Park. It’s my local track so thought it would be fine to ride there, ride around the track and return home hopefully having enjoyed the day and learned some new things.

Have a look at my first ever trackday session…

It was a great experience and i have another one booked already for the 15th September, this time at Donnington Park.

I arrived at gate opening time of 07:30 and was pleased with the we ease of getting through security, a simple name check on a list and I’m in. The paddock was reasonably busy already with those that had stayed over the night before. I was on the lookout for a few Twitter folk that had mentioned they would be there. As I pulled into a space they came over and helped me set up the gazebo I was borrowing from them.

The team at No Limits Trackdays were brilliant. The communitcation from booking to arriving on site was first class. Of course I felt a bit nervous as this was my first one but their mantra of #trackdaysforall is very true. I felt really welcomed on the GTR1400. I think they enjoyed having me there too as I was the talk of their social media for 15 minutes…

Neil Jewell’s bike maybe so large that its situated in 2 different time zones at any one time but doesn’t stop him giving a damn good spanking around Oulton Park while startling a few when he cruised past 👊😁
#trackdaysforall #nolimitstrackdays

Originally tweeted by No Limits Trackdays (@NoLimitsOnTrack) on 06/08/2020.

The day got better and better and on session 3, I felt brave enough to ask one of the free trackday instructors to follow me around and offer some advice. I think he enjoyed it as much as I did. After he’d stopped laughing at the sparks off the footpegs and the black lines the GTR1400 was laying down his best advice to go faster was to get a different bike! I took that as a huge compliment – it’s not often you are told you are riding a bike to it’s absolute limits.

Session 3 – Out with the instructor

It was a great day and if you are considering doing one, then do it.

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