A collection of reviews from the course feedback pages.

Had a fantastic coaching session from Neil. We spent roughly 6 hours together going across Exmoor and back.

Neil is a really nice guy, not judgemental or pushy. He quickly identified the areas that needed polishing and those that needed to be dialled back for the road.
I did my advanced license 12 years ago and have taken numerous machine control courses since but to have a checkup on my advanced road craft was invaluable.

As the day progressed, the ride became smoother, putting into practice Neil’s expert guidance. Even in some rather tricky conditions we made great progress.
It was also good to hear Neil’s commentary on part of the ride when we hooked up the intercoms.

I highly recommend Neil to anyone on two wheels. If you or a loved one has only just passed the test – book in with Neil… in one session he’ll distill months of advanced training for you. If like me, you’ve got to a certain level, Neil will help you take those next steps to make your riding even smoother and more enjoyable.

Phil Reader – Bespoke Coaching – 22/05/21

I felt as though a few twisty bends local to me were “nemesis” corners as I just couldn’t seem to get around them smoothly. I met up with Neil, who instantly came across as a friendly and very knowledgeable chap, and we had a brief chat about my concerns and then we set straight off . I set about my own ride whilst Neil expertly observed behind and after a couple of minutes I relaxed and almost forgot he was there, travelling along a route and through the corners which I was struggling with. We made our way to a cafe and over coffee Neil and I spoke about certain things I could do to improve my riding. Headed back out on the bikes, through the very same bends, the difference was night and day. The bike and I both felt much happier. Every corner I come up against now, none of them phase me. I really enjoyed the time I spent out on the road with Neil and feel like a more competent and safer rider for it. I want to be the best rider I can possibly be and I’m now looking to do IAM and another session with Jewell Bike Training as soon as I possibly can. I’m confident that no matter how good a rider you are, you’ll come away learning something new after a day with Neil.

@martinhall18 – 1/4 day bespoke session

Hmm, turns out I’m not as good as I thought I was! It’s been 25 years since I had any advanced training, and that was (whisper it quietly…) in a car. Since then I have toured thousands of miles, commuted in all weathers, even raced a bit, so I should be pretty good right? It’s just like riding a bike isn’t it? You never actually forget do you?

Well, yes you do, and your finely honed skills ebb away week by week, month by month. Add a year-and-a-bit of lockdown and before you know it, they’re pretty much all gone.

What you need is someone capable of following you closely behind (whatever speed you’re doing, you won’t shake him off) observing everything. Mostly, to be honest, observing what you’re not observing. Looking at your positioning, speed, gear, use of brakes, anticipation, planning, the list goes on. Then you stop for The Chat. Now, this can go two ways; The Chat can be the point where you’re made dangerously overconfident by someone just stroking your ego, or you can be destroyed by a ‘riding God’ who can ride very well but coaches very badly. Neil is neither of these things. Neil is in fact the absolutely perfect blend of building you up and increasing your confidence in a controlled and enjoyable manner. Not many can do that and he is extremely gifted in that regard.

The route we rode and the ‘chat stops’ were all perfectly judged. Fun, but increasingly challenging. Just when you start to think ‘hey, I’ve nailed this’ there will be a bend or a ‘situation’ that brings you back down to earth, but not in an unpleasant, soul-destroying way. It’s more of, you’re getting better but life can still catch you out, so keep your head on the game and your focus about 5 miles further ahead than you’re used to.

Should everyone go on a course with Neil? Yes, absolutely, 100%. I guarantee you will learn something. It might even be something you already knew, but simply weren’t doing as often or as well as you thought.

It will also be, and I can’t stress this enough, bl**dy good fun. But it might also save your life one day.

Highly recommended.

@SteveFelmingham – 15/05/21 – Bespoke coaching

Feeling a bit rusty after COVID and booked a session with Neil on the recommendation of a friend. So glad I did, as feel like I really benefited from his advice. We started with Neil following me for about half an hour, then supplying a very constructive critique of my riding style. 2 hours later I was applying his tips, and immediately felt safer and more confident. My cornering feels much smoother than it did, and while I expected that any safety advice would slow me down the opposite is true. Massively feel that I got more than my moneys worth from the session and would urge anyone who is prepared to have their skills challenged to book a course. Feel like I want to follow this up with an IAM or ROSPA course now as although I’m not a bad rider the door has been opened to how much better I could be.
Also, the Video supplied after the ride has been really useful to reinforce the skills learnt. Thanks Neil!

@DarrylIndia – 01/05/21 – Back to biking / refresher

Thoroughly enjoyable day. It’s clear that Neil really knows what he’s talking about, but, also has a really great coaching style so you don’t feel daft asking loads of questions. I could feel a marked improvement in my riding through the day.

I wrote a bit more here:

Looking forward to booking another session.

@BobLearnsToRide – 25/04/21 – 1/2 Day bespoke coaching (competition winner)

I’ve been riding a motorbike for a long time. I had passed my IAM and RoSPA advanced tests years ago. You would think that this training would stay with you, but over time i developed a slightly lazy approach to my riding. Taking things for granted, and i wasn’t really switched on as much as i should be, after all there’s a lot at stake. So after seeing some of Neil’s training videos, chatting on Twitter and especially after Covid Lockdown, i thought i would take the skills refresher course for an independent look at my riding, and i’m so glad i did. It’s amazing how much your riding skills fade over time.

Check out this video Neil did for me,

 it really sums up my riding skill fade and what we did about them. It’s great to have this video resource to refer back to and go over again, as there’s a lot to take in and re-apply to your riding. Neil’s approach is super friendly, constructive and totally non-judgemental. Book in with Neil and do this training instead of buying the next bit of bling for your bike, it will be the best investment you can make. Half a day is all it takes, and it will invigorate your riding again, leading to more confidence, enjoyment, and equip you well to survive the jungle out there.

@DevilsCrayon – 07/04/2021 – Back to biking / refresher

“I’m brilliant at riding and I don’t need any extra help”. If you read this and thats you… think again!

No matter what your experience or how awesome you think you are (and you might be, its cool), just book a day with Jewell training and You Will Learn something. Better lines, more space, improved planning. Great skills for the road or the track. Neil will keep up with you, even if it’s on a rolling sofa… 😉

@LaraMoto – 17/10/2020 – Bespoke coaching

Motorcycles are a passion, I want to be the best I can be.
To that aim, I wanted training from someone who really knows how to ride a motorbike.
Having known Neil for a while, via Twitter, and seen how competent he is, Jewell training was the place for me.
Excellent advice, see’s where you can improve, and you come away from training knowing you are better than when you started.
Will definitely be back for more training in the future
Maybe I will even be able to keep up with him round a racetrack one day

Jules – 01/10/2020 – Bespoke coaching

I was lucky enough to find Neil on Twitter and even luckier to win a day training with him on a one to one basis. I met Neil at Crewe and he immediately put me at ease. We’d chatted beforehand about the things we could address with my riding. I had asked for instruction on road positioning and handling corners – the two areas I felt needed the most work. Neil hooked me up to his intercom and gave me a fantastic insight into his real time vision on the route – the bends , the way the road curved , the cross view (best learning point ) the hazards, the warnings , the signs and how to ride the bends smoothly taking everything in along the way.
We headed out through villages and lanes , A and B roads and dual carriage ways and also up on to The Cat & Fiddle. It was a busy Saturday and there were lots of cars and groups of cyclists – but using the cross view I overtook traffic and climbed up the road and actually cheered to myself in my helmet at the move I’d just made !
I had a great day – I learned a lot and improved my riding so much in such a short time.
A highly recommended training day that will continue to make me a better rider following Neil’s advice.
And the chat , coffee and cakes and just the great way Neil explains everything made the day perfect !
Thankyou Neil – you are the best ! X

Susan – 29/09/2020 – Bespoke coaching (competition winner)

Spent a fantastic self assessment day with Neil and another former Police Grade 1 rider yesterday. Whatever your training and experience without constant self assessment and constructive advice from others, skills will deteriorate over time. So the opportunity to have two top class riders check my riding was not to be missed.
Neil had plotted a fantastic 150 mile route through the best scenery Yorkshire could offer and even arranged perfect weather.
The roads were varied and on occasion challenging but interspersed with excellent coffee, cake and more importantly valuable feedback.
Whatever your previous riding experience, I’d recommend periodic check rides and Neil is just the guy to get you back up to standard whilst enjoying a brilliant day out.

Dave – 28/09/2020 – Bespoke Coaching

Spent a great day out with Neil today. Both the weather and the varied roads we used, were very good, dual c/way, A, B and unclassified all gave me lots to think about. Feedback was thorough and detailed, Neil is very easy to get on with, he put me at ease, nothing is too much trouble and I had a very enjoyable day, learning lots and I’ll be repeating that again soon. Thank you.

Simon – 27/09/2020 – Bespoke Coaching

A friendly and professional service, just like being out on a ride with your mate! Top class instructor who gave me the knowledge and confidence to improve my skills. The approach and training was absolutely fantastic! Look no further if you are looking to learn how to ride or improve your skills.

Marlena – 15/09/2020 – 1/2 Day Bespoke coaching

A bit of rider training/refresh for me yesterday with the help of Neil a great mentor.
I’m quite a good rider at the best of times but felt something was missing. After a couple of hours a few stops and mentoring and a few tweeks to my road positioning and riding everything started to flow consistent and every corner linked great to each other no rushing just nice and flowing and safe. I think everyone should have a refresh once in a while and if you fancy a days mentoring give Neil a call.
Would also like to thank @julestys @vehiclepartners @ridewithpeaks and @furberfurberson for sponsoring the competition that was run on twitter. very greatful to you all.

Cliffy – 14/09/2020 – Bespoke Coaching (competition winner)

Neil was amazing. A really patient and kind tutor. I finished the day feeling like I had understood my issue and got it under control. There was no stress or pressure and asking questions was never an issue, and I asked a lot! I felt totally safe talking about and dealing with my anxieties. He coped admirably when I had a major wobble because I was so frustrated with myself and for that I am very grateful. I now feel like I have the old me back who loves to ride and ride well. The ride home left me feeling elated and very happy with myself. I can not recommend Neil enough. Definitely money well spent

Becks – 06/09/2020