Recommended Websites

Here’s a collection of useful websites that I’ve happened across. I’ve found them useful or amusing or curious. If you have a website that you would like featured on this page then please drop a comment on here and I’ll have a looksee

Flies on the Visor

Review products and bikes that they spend their own money on so you can be sure that what they say is independent and honest

RideWithPeaks – Fueling your Passion

Ridewithpeaks is a fantastic bike and kit review website. Very worthy of a browse.

Maja’s Motorcycle Adventures

Maja’s motorcycle adventures does exactly what is sets out to. It’s Maja, chatting about here adventures and even better, you can book on trips and tours of Wales with her.

Ride to Survive

A very experienced advanced trainer from the Gloustershire area. If you are from around that way then give Chris a shout. Tailored Bespoke training.

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