Smoother, Faster, Sharper.

Rider training is essential on today’s roads. Learn to ride better, smoother and faster.

Neil Jewell, Founder

Training is about developing new skills. It is very much trainer led. It can lead to an increased skill set but not always on how to apply those new skills in real life situations.


Coaching develops existing skills and is more about developing the person. The owership of actions is with you and we will explore why you ride as you do through practical demonstrations and observation.


I offer mentorship services so when we feel that you are ready and you have achieved your inital goals, you can always come back and discuss any issues or questions about scenarios you have experienced.

Why should you access rider training?

As riders we spend 100’s if not 1000’s of pounds on our machines to make them go better, handle sharper and sound sweet. We rarely spend money on ourselves to improve our own skills.

Roads are plagued with inattentive drivers, dozing in their daily drudge-drive to dismal destinations, they are cosseted by soft seats with automatic temperature control, auto headlights and lane control. They have lost the ability to drive and think for themselves.

Take Action: Simply being a good rider isn’t good enough anymore. Take control of your ride, learn to spot developing hazards and make a ride plan that keeps you safe, makes you immune to others’ mistakes and become invincible.