Scotland Tour 2020

Some Twitter people invited me to join them on a tour of Scotland, of course I said yes.

Total miles 1421, 4 Bikes, 3 nights. 4 long days. Weather mostly wet – well what did you expect in October.

As is the nature of Twitter, people are from seperate parts of the country so we met up at Lymm Services J20 on the M6 on Friday the 9th October it was drizzling and the waterproofs were already on and heated grips just providing a nice background warmth.

We filled up and started the journey north. First stop over was to be the The Winnock Hotel,

The route there was especially desiged to make the most of Day 1. Forest of Boland, Yorkshire Dales National Park, North Pennines, Kielder Forest then on through Scotland avoiding any major roads.

Day 2 saw us tackle the infamous Applecross pass on our way to Ullapool

Day 3 saw part of the NC500 and back to Oban. The coastal route up to Durness is fantastic and there are some fantastic sandy beaches there. My favorite part was the road around Loch Eriboll which was simply stunning. A long day this one and the journey from Loch Ness to Oban was in the dark and that added another dimension to the ride.

Loch Eriboll
Loch Eriboll the road hugs it all the way around
take a relaxing journey around loch Eriboll

Day 4 took us home via the scenic way through Ayrshire.

It was a seriously wet day,but we were looking forward to heading south to see what Ayrshire has to offer and although not as scenic as the highlands it certainly has some great roads if you are happy to seek them out.

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