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Basic Coaching. looking at what needs improving and how to remedy any issues


Do you feel that you are getting dispondent with your riding?

Do you arrive home sometimes and wondered how you made it?

Do you know that you could be better but don’t know how to get better?

Many, many riders have an issue with their ride, some element that they are not happy with, overtaking, riding in the rain, filtering, towns, cornering, rage, motorways the list goes on and on.

What if there was a way to reset your mind, to get back to enjoying biking again instead of being terrified about that patch of gravel around the corner that may or may not be there. What if you didn’t care what the weather was doing because you are mentally and physically prepared for it. What if the prospect of riding the M25 on a friday at rush hour in the dark was just a walk in the park?  What if we could unlock your potential. I know what you are thinking, those are some big claims, of course they are but with the right coaching and advice it may be possible to overcome an issue that has been holding you back for years. There are no promises here but if you are willing to try I am willing to help.

Drop me a note in the form below and we’ll get your bespoke training day underway with some emails or a phone call so that when you arrive we both know the best way to spend 6 hours on the road.

This bespoke session is written by you, for you. It can even be on your favourite routes (as long as they are within 2 hours from Crewe/Nantwich).

Contact me to discuss your availability and let’s put this bespoke coaching day together for you.

18 reviews for Bespoke Coaching

  1. Becks

    Neil was amazing. A really patient and kind tutor. I finished the day feeling like I had understood my issue and got it under control. There was no stress or pressure and asking questions was never an issue, and I asked a lot! 🤣I felt totally safe talking about and dealing with my anxieties. He coped admirably when I had a major wobble because I was so frustrated with myself and for that I am very grateful. I now feel like I have the old me back who loves to ride and ride well. The ride home left me feeling elated and very happy with myself. I can not recommend Neil enough. Definitely money well spent.

  2. Cliffy

    A bit of rider training/refresh for me yesterday with the help of Neil a great mentor.
    I’m quite a good rider at the best of times but felt something was missing. After a couple of hours a few stops and mentoring and a few tweeks to my road positioning and riding everything started to flow consistent and every corner linked great to each other no rushing just nice and flowing and safe. I think everyone should have a refresh once in a while and if you fancy a days mentoring give Neil a call.
    Would also like to thank @julestys @vehiclepartners @ridewithpeaks and @furberfurberson for sponsoring the competition that was run on twitter. very greatful to you all.

  3. Simon

    Spent a great day out with Neil today.

    Both the weather and the varied roads we used, were very good, dual c/way, A, B and unclassified all gave me lots to think about.

    Feedback was thorough and detailed, Neil is very easy to get on with, he put me at ease, nothing is too much trouble and I had a very enjoyable day, learning lots and I’ll be repeating that again soon.

    Thank you.

  4. Dave Cox

    Spent a fantastic self assessment day with Neil and another former Police Grade 1 rider yesterday. Whatever your training and experience without constant self assessment and constructive advice from others, skills will deteriorate over time. So the opportunity to have two top class riders check my riding was not to be missed.
    Neil had plotted a fantastic 150 mile route through the best scenery Yorkshire could offer and even arranged perfect weather.
    The roads were varied and on occasion challenging but interspersed with excellent coffee, cake and more importantly valuable feedback.
    Whatever your previous riding experience, I’d recommend periodic check rides and Neil is just the guy to get you back up to standard whilst enjoying a brilliant day out.

  5. Susan Williams

    I was lucky enough to find Neil on Twitter and even luckier to win a day training with him on a one to one basis. I met Neil at Crewe and he immediately put me at ease. We’d chatted beforehand about the things we could address with my riding. I had asked for instruction on road positioning and handling corners – the two areas I felt needed the most work. Neil hooked me up to his intercom and gave me a fantastic insight into his real time vision on the route – the bends , the way the road curved , the cross view (best learning point ) the hazards, the warnings , the signs and how to ride the bends smoothly taking everything in along the way.
    We headed out through villages and lanes , A and B roads and dual carriage ways and also up on to The Cat & Fiddle. It was a busy Saturday and there were lots of cars and groups of cyclists – but using the cross view I overtook traffic and climbed up the road and actually cheered to myself in my helmet at the move I’d just made !
    I had a great day – I learned a lot and improved my riding so much in such a short time.
    A highly recommended training day that will continue to make me a better rider following Neil’s advice.
    And the chat , coffee and cakes and just the great way Neil explains everything made the day perfect !
    Thankyou Neil – you are the best ! X

  6. Jules

    Motorcycles are a passion, I want to be the best I can be.
    To that aim, I wanted training from someone who really knows how to ride a motorbike.
    Having known Neil for a while, via Twitter, and seen how competent he is, Jewell training was the place for me.
    Excellent advice, see’s where you can improve, and you come away from training knowing you are better than when you started.
    Will definitely be back for more training in the future
    Maybe I will even be able to keep up with him round a racetrack one day

  7. Laramoto

    “I’m brilliant at riding and I don’t need any extra help”. If you read this and thats you… think again!

    No matter what your experience or how awesome you think you are (and you might be, its cool), just book a day with Jewell training and You Will Learn something. Better lines, more space, improved planning. Great skills for the road or the track. Neil will keep up with you, even if it’s on a rolling sofa… 😉

  8. Steve Felmingham

    Hmm, turns out I’m not as good as I thought I was! It’s been 25 years since I had any advanced training, and that was (whisper it quietly…) in a car. Since then I have toured thousands of miles, commuted in all weathers, even raced a bit, so I should be pretty good right? It’s just like riding a bike isn’t it? You never actually forget do you?

    Well, yes you do, and your finely honed skills ebb away week by week, month by month. Add a year-and-a-bit of lockdown and before you know it, they’re pretty much all gone.

    What you need is someone capable of following you closely behind (whatever speed you’re doing, you won’t shake him off) observing everything. Mostly, to be honest, observing what you’re not observing. Looking at your positioning, speed, gear, use of brakes, anticipation, planning, the list goes on. Then you stop for The Chat. Now, this can go two ways; The Chat can be the point where you’re made dangerously overconfident by someone just stroking your ego, or you can be destroyed by a ‘riding God’ who can ride very well but coaches very badly. Neil is neither of these things. Neil is in fact the absolutely perfect blend of building you up and increasing your confidence in a controlled and enjoyable manner. Not many can do that and he is extremely gifted in that regard.

    The route we rode and the ‘chat stops’ were all perfectly judged. Fun, but increasingly challenging. Just when you start to think ‘hey, I’ve nailed this’ there will be a bend or a ‘situation’ that brings you back down to earth, but not in an unpleasant, soul-destroying way. It’s more of, you’re getting better but life can still catch you out, so keep your head on the game and your focus about 5 miles further ahead than you’re used to.

    Should everyone go on a course with Neil? Yes, absolutely, 100%. I guarantee you will learn something. It might even be something you already knew, but simply weren’t doing as often or as well as you thought.

    It will also be, and I can’t stress this enough, bl**dy good fun. But it might also save your life one day.

    Highly recommended.

  9. Phil Reader

    Had a fantastic coaching session from Neil. We spent roughly 6 hours together going across Exmoor and back.

    Neil is a really nice guy, not judgemental or pushy. He quickly identified the areas that needed polishing and those that needed to be dialled back for the road.
    I did my advanced license 12 years ago and have taken numerous machine control courses since but to have a checkup on my advanced road craft was invaluable.

    As the day progressed, the ride became smoother, putting into practice Neil’s expert guidance. Even in some rather tricky conditions we made great progress.
    It was also good to hear Neil’s commentary on part of the ride when we hooked up the intercoms.

    I highly recommend Neil to anyone on two wheels. If you or a loved one has only just passed the test – book in with Neil… in one session he’ll distill months of advanced training for you. If like me, you’ve got to a certain level, Neil will help you take those next steps to make your riding even smoother and more enjoyable.

  10. Shaun McCunnell

    After reading several commentaries on Twitter re Neil’s bespoke service & a realisation that I needed an independent assessment of my riding skills it was a no brainer about contacting the gent in question. After a couple of false starts due to crappy weather we got the day sorted and met up at the north side of the Peak District over a coffee we discussed, further, my aims and requirements that done we set off and what followed was a good well planned,by Neil, series of rides interspersed with coffee breaks & informed critiques which I felt by the end of the day raised my reasonable skills and allowed me to see in myself a genuine improvement on my ride home . Neil comes across as a knowledgeable , without being overbearing, affable gent who lives & loves his biking and I can only highly recommend his services 👍
    PS I’ll also recommend OsmAnd as a good gpx app for plotting the day’s route ….

  11. Mike Goodridge

    What superlatives can I use that haven’t been written already ??!!
    Neil is a brilliant listener and took on board at the start what I would like to achieve from the day , he had a preset route of the beautiful Peak District that turned out to be exactly what I needed to show him where I needed to sort my riding ( road position for starters) .. stopped a few time to debrief and drink coffee where in his easy going quiet manner put things over that made perfect sense , … the day absolutely awesome and will definitely go again …
    Thank Neil for instilling me with confidence to ride these roads as safely and with even more of a smile on my face (positive steering 😊)than usual . Your a legend 💪👏👏👍

  12. Mark A.

    Neil is an excellent instructor, proving bespoke training addressing my needs as a rider with advice delivered in a positive and friendly way. The day out was a pleasure and felt like I was riding with a very experienced and knowledgeable friend!

    After passing my bike test I promised myself that I would do some advanced training. Neil’s name started popping up frequently on my Twitter timeline with enthusiastic recommendations from trusted followers.

    We arranged a date, and a conversation with Neil established what I wanted to achieve from the day: be alive more and dead less, advice and improve my confidence in corners and overall riding as my only training so far had been toward the test and not real world conditions.

    Any concerns that a full day would be too much were dispelled as the day went on with Neil being patient and clear with his instruction. There was observation of my riding and regular stops for debrief and advice to help me improve. The addition of an intercom meant reassurance and constructive feedback were provided, but without being obtrusive.

    Simple changes made by Neil to my riding paid huge dividends. I ended the day more confident and felt that my ability had improved, but was left with tips and pointers as part of my ongoing development. The tailor made nature of the one-on-one instruction was perfect for my needs. Excellent value for money as I am sure I am now a safer rider. I only wish I’d done it sooner!

  13. Mike

    The all round package offered by Neil is simply brilliant!

    Firstly, Neil is a very knowledgeable, experienced and safe rider. Secondly, he’s a great communicator. We had a grand day out in the Peak District and Neil was able to quickly assess all those areas in which I needed to develop / improve my riding, suggesting alternative approaches to improve my skills and develop some new ones. Who knew you could steer a bike with your backside?

    The day was unhurried with plenty of stops and opportunities for discussion / feedback etc

    And at the end of the session Neil can provide video with overlaid commentary, which is a really useful future reference point.

    If you are looking for some bespoke motorcycle training, look no further than Jewell Training! A day with Neil is excellent value and money well invested!

  14. Corrie Pope

    Had a Fantastic day with Neil. He has a wonderful calm manner with zero judgement or criticism of my riding. For example, I missed a junction on two different occasions, and he never said a word and gently guided me back to where we should have turned off as if it was all part of the plan.

    I have been nervous of cornering since the bike accident and he soon sorted that out by building my confidence back by going over the basic’s. Stuff that I had forgotten about. I can now read the road with confidence and welcome those bends and no longer panic brake or roll off as I approach a corner.

    The euphoria of finally taking a corner at speed and holding the line can never be explained here, only put into practice every time I go out. Indeed the ride yesterday along roads which had bends that had previously scared me, is now a route with minimal bends and I wished we where back in the peak distract with some serious roads to ride.

    I feel safer, more confident and a happier rider for spending time with Neil. I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me. Highly, highly recommend his time and services. Total value for money.

  15. William Hince

    All round top draw and excellent value for money. Neil had been flexible from the off with dates and timing to work around me working at sea.

    The route was a tour in itself accross multiple road surfaces, lakes, rolling hills and fast twisting roads.
    Neil’s instruction, concise and forthright really brought on my riding. Would highly recommend.

  16. Richard Willis

    Had a fantastic day with Neil riding great roads (weather was kind also, which helped).
    Wanted to develop my bike handling in corners and increase my confidence, pace and smoothness.
    Neil identified things for me to work on and we discussed them at our stops, going over my progress and introducing new ideas to further improve. Neil has an easy manner, putting you very much at ease while going over your riding and explaining how you can improve.
    Within a couple of hours I felt a massive difference in my riding and the run from Newtown to Crossgates was the most fun I’ve had on two wheels.
    I got far more out of the day than I expected, this is far more due to Neil’s talent as an instructor than my talent as a rider!
    Plenty to work on and continue developing (Neil shared a video with his commentary of my riding which will be very useful to refer back to over coming months).
    I would recommend anyone who is looking to develop any aspect of their riding speak to Neil without hesitation.
    Thanks for a top days riding Neil!

  17. DalesRider1

    Spent a great day with Neil around North Yorks/Lancs/Cumbria. Whilst he is obviously a hugely proficient and well qualified rider, what makes him a superb trainer is his approachable manner and that he listens to his pupil and helps them identify ways to improve their riding in the areas that they feel are important. It’s about you as a rider not the Roadcraft textbook (although he could probably recite it from memory if you wanted!). Along the way he offers all sorts of tips and quick wins to make you better or remind you what you should be doing, which you just find yourself adopting almost without realising. He took time to properly understand my riding style on a variety of routes from my usual narrow twisty Dales lanes to fast flowing A roads and was able to diagnose why I struggled with certain fast sweeping bends. After some practice and exercises to help, I felt happier about the problem, which has improved since. I might well book another day this year to polish things up again. Top notch.

  18. Stacey Ellingson

    I’ve been riding over 20 years and know I have bad habits and things that I am not doing that I should be. That’s why I hired Neil for coaching. Correspondence with Neil in advance was very smooth and timely. He offered to meet me at a place convenient to where I was staying. Neil planned out a ride in which he could coach me on various topics while also just being a really enjoyable and scenic ride. Neil is very knowledgeable and a great rider. He conveyed info in very memorable and easy to absorb way. It was a good day of learning/practice for me as well as just a fun riding day. As a mostly solo female rider I found it really helpful to get an unbiased perspective on my riding.
    No hesitation recommending Neil to any level rider.

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