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Do you know someone that has just passed their CBT? This session is great for those just starting out on the road on two wheels. Designed specifically for 16 & 17 year olds that won’t take advice from you.

The session has been designed around knowledge transfer. Many little tips to hopefully keep them safe while they build up their experience. Lots of stops to help things sink in. lots of feedback on how they are riding. This is not a teaching session they have had that with the CBT, this is a coaching session, seeing where they can improve their road knowledge and confidence

Based around riding the routes that they’ll mostly be using and highlighting the potential hazard points and what ifs on a route they mostly know well. Session expected to be between 2-3 hours.

It might just save them (and you) some pain.

A brief feedback session after the ride that’ll hopefully impart some wisdom.

1 review for Post CBT Session

  1. James Baister

    Had a great ride today with Neil, Taught me about road positioning,practicing with my back brake,keeping a safety bubble when riding and making sure your aware of your surroundings when riding.
    The ride was 2 and a half hours and we had intercoms so he could give me tips and advice when riding(things like what the signs mean wether they are a bigger caution or smaller,road positioning and pointing out where to look into the distance to prepare for oncoming traffic)
    Will definitely be using this company again in the future when I want to do more advanced riding lessons👍

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