Bespoke Coaching Weekend

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Develop a true connection between you, your machine and the enviroment in which you ride.

With bespoke coaching you’ll get a tailor made course over a weekend.

Day 1 – Evaluation of your ride and beginning to improve.

On day 1 there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss known issues with your ride as well as plenty of riding time to evaluate what you do and why you do it. We will start to develop strategies that will make a positve change and help to reach your goals. This is a day of exploration and an opportunity to try out new skills in a controlled manner.

Day 2 – Deepening your understanding of how you ride

Day 2 will start with a good look at what we covered in the previous day and building on it. By doing so you’ll be making lifetime changes that will make you better, smoother and faster.

Each day will consist of rides between 150-200 miles with food and drink stops all included.

3 reviews for Bespoke Coaching Weekend

  1. Dave Ayres

    I spent a weekend with Neil polishing away winter rust and tuning out some of my less impressive riding habits.

    The instruction is well-paced and developed my natural riding style rather than trying to put me in a box.

    The results were plain to see on the ride home from Wales on the Monday. Sharper, quicker and maximising advantages when they appear.


  2. Carle

    I would highly recommend a weekends training with Jewell Bike Training.
    I found Neil quickly identified areas where I could improve my riding. I have been riding for a while and am mostly self taught because I wasn’t a great fan of the more formalised training schemes. I enjoyed that Neil was happy for me to ride my usual style and pace and work to make my riding flow better by improving my bike handling, observation and situational awareness.
    The 2 day format also worked well for me, it took me a while to relax into being observed but Neil puts you at your ease and comments on the things you do well as well as the areas that need improvement. Day one is mainly spent sorting out that areas that need improvement and mentoring on how to improve them. Day 2 was spent practicing and improving with more coaching to build on what you have learned when you are ready for the next step.
    I also enjoyed the routes Neil supplied, they encompassed most types of road you encounter in the UK apart from Motorways(thankfully). This also added to the learning experience, the choices were challenging at times but this was a deliberate tactic to highlight areas for improvement in your bike control and line choices.
    If I’d have known the learning experience could be this good and enjoyable I would have done it years ago.

  3. Graeme Johnson

    Be a swan..

    I felt I could get more out of my riding, wanting to improve on being smoother, faster and safer. Neil led me through some changes in my riding and pointing out the obvious flaws.

    The instruction was well structured, improving and instilling confidence in my riding. The course was progressive and balanced ending in a fantastic ride through some challenging roads where I felt confident and safe and most definitely smoother.

    If you’re in any doubt about your riding skills and confidence, or want a refresher to polish and refine your riding, Neil is definitely the instructor to book.

    Added to that he is a genuine fella and easy to get along with.

    Thanks again Neil.

    Be a swan.

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