Bespoke Coaching Weekend



Develop a true connection between you, your machine and the enviroment in which you ride.

With bespoke coaching you’ll get a tailor made course over a weekend.

Day 1 – Evaluation of your ride and beginning to improve.

On day 1 there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss known issues with your ride as well as plenty of riding time to evaluate what you do and why you do it. We will start to develop strategies that will make a positve change and help to reach your goals. This is a day of exploration and an opportunity to try out new skills in a controlled manner.

Day 2 – Deepening your understanding of how you ride

Day 2 will start with a good look at what we covered in the previous day and building on it. By doing so you’ll be making lifetime changes that will make you better, smoother and faster.

The 2 days will be fully recorded and you will receive the unedited footage for review and posterity. You will also receive an edited video highlighting the points that have been picked up over weekend.

Each day will consist of rides between 150-200 miles with food and drink stops all included.


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