Bespoke Coaching 1/2 Day

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Exactly the same as Bespoke coaching but a shorter day.

Choose a morning or afternoon session and the course content is up to you. We’ll discuss your needs on the phone and tailor a session around you.

5 reviews for Bespoke Coaching 1/2 Day

  1. Marlena

    A friendly and professional service, just like being out on a ride with your mate! Top class instructor who gave me the knowledge and confidence to improve my skills. The approach and training was absolutely fantastic! Look no further if you are looking to learn how to ride or improve your skills.

  2. Bob Smith

    Thoroughly enjoyable day. It’s clear that Neil really knows what he’s talking about, but, also has a really great coaching style so you don’t feel daft asking loads of questions. I could feel a marked improvement in my riding through the day.

    I wrote a bit more here:

    Looking forward to booking another session.

  3. Martin Hall

    I felt as though a few twisty bends local to me were “nemesis” corners as I just couldn’t seem to get around them smoothly . I met up with Neil , who’s instantly came across as a friendly and very knowledgeable chap , and we had a brief chat about my concerns and then we set straight off . I set about my own ride whilst Neil expertly observed behind and after a couple of minutes I relaxed and almost forgot he was there , travelling along a route and through the corners which I was struggling with . We made our way to a cafe and over coffee Neil and I spoke about certain things I could do to improve my riding. Headed back out on the bikes , through the very same bends , the difference was night and day. The bike and I both felt much happier . Every corner I come up against now , none of them phase me. I really enjoyed the time I spent out on the road with Neil and feel like a more competent and safer rider for it. I want to be the best rider I can possibly be and I’m now looking to do IAM and another session with Jewell Bike Training as soon as I possibly can. I’m confident that no matter how good a rider you are , you’ll come away learning something new after a day with Neil.

  4. Matt B

    Although I have been riding since two strokes were in fashion there is clearly so much about the art of riding that has passed me by and many bad habits have been instilled.
    Neil quickly picked up on many nuisances, some very subtle, and suggested many ways to improve. After only a few hours I felt that I had learnt a great deal and I now have many pointers to concentrate on in the future.
    We all have different issues with our riding styles to address, so my trail braking, tipping in too early, lack of back brake usage, road position, aggressive distance from vehicle in front etc. are not unique to me, however we all have different, hence we all need a precise eye to spot these issues.
    We never stop learning, and by his own admission neither does Neil, always striving to be better. The better we are the more that we enjoy the ride. That resonates with everything in life, and motorcycle riding teaches you about more than just riding a motorcycle… It’s therapy, it’s escape, it resonates in all areas etc. So invest in yourself and try and to be better.

  5. Baz Hodgson

    Been a bike rider for over 20yrs but a truck driver for almost 40 yrs and the two were starting to merge, I wasn’t using the bike to its full ability and agility. This meant that I was riding the bike like the truck just sitting in lanes and plodding around. So decided I needed some sort of training to get me back up to speed, this is when I contacted Jewel Bike Training. He suggested a refresher course to help me get back to proper bike riding.
    The course was 3-4 hours and in that time with Neil’s instructions my agility and positioning were very much improved. I’ve taken his instructions with me and for me to keep practicing.

    Would highly recommend one of Neil’s training course’s.

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