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After a period of non-biking such as a winter lay off or accident it is wise to ease your way back into riding. Skill fade can be a serious issue.

Sometimes all you need to get up to speed again and to start thinking like a biker again is some gentle words of encouragement, some fantastic roads and a nice cup of tea and piece of cake. – you choose the route and the stops so there’s no pressure about not knowing where you are going. It’s your bike, on roads you know.

Having somone there to refresh your biking memory is a great way to kickstart the biking season or lift some anxiety you may have about getting back on two wheels.

Get back up to speed with a relaxed ride with our coach who will help jog your memory on some of the things you may have forgotten during your hibernation.

£120 for 1/2 a day and I’ll buy the cake.

Happy to meet up anywhere within 2 hours of Crewe/Nantwich in cheshire so your back to biking / refresher ride actually starts with you getting back on the road.

3 reviews for Back to Biking / Refresher

  1. Mark Bowers

    I’ve been riding a motorbike for a long time. I had passed my IAM and RoSPA advanced tests years ago. You would think that this training would stay with you, but over time i developed a slightly lazy approach to my riding. Taking things for granted, and i wasn’t really switched on as much as i should be, after all there’s a lot at stake. So after seeing some of Neil’s training videos, chatting on Twitter and especially after Covid Lockdown, i thought i would take the skills refresher course for an independent look at my riding, and i’m so glad i did. It’s amazing how much your riding skills fade over time. Check out this video Neil did for me, it really sums up my riding skill fade and what we did about them. It’s great to have this video resource to refer back to and go over again, as there’s a lot to take in and re-apply to your riding. Neil’s approach is super friendly, constructive and totally non-judgemental. Book in with Neil and do this training instead of buying the next bit of bling for your bike, it will be the best investment you can make. Half a day is all it takes, and it will invigorate your riding again, leading to more confidence, enjoyment, and equip you well to survive the jungle out there.

  2. Darryl Gaskin

    Feeling a bit rusty after COVID and booked a session with Neil on the recommendation of a friend. So glad I did, as feel like I really benefited from his advice. We started with Neil following me for about half an hour, then supplying a very constructive critique of my riding style. 2 hours later I was applying his tips, and immediately felt safer and more confident. My cornering feels much smoother than it did, and while I expected that any safety advice would slow me down the opposite is true. Massively feel that I got more than my moneys worth from the session and would urge anyone who is prepared to have their skills challenged to book a course. Feel like I want to follow this up with an IAM or ROSPA course now as although I’m not a bad rider the door has been opened to how much better I could be.
    Also, the Video supplied after the ride has been really useful to reinforce the skills learnt. Thanks Neil!

  3. Paul Gower

    I contacted Neil for some Back to Biking guidance via twitter as I have not been on a bike for many years. He was great from start to finish. I presented him with a few challenges really, as I had not ridden my new bike either and I was having issues with the gears, his calmness and his guidance was very helpful.
    He turned up on time as promised following a three-hour ride to get to me, he let me lead the way as it was clear from the start, I was not going to be able to do his pre-planned route.
    We had a short ride before Neil connected me up to him, I found it so helpful having him in my ear advising and reassuring me all the time, also at the same time getting me to increase my confidence and speed in my own time.
    We had a few breaks and debriefs during the session just to tweak certain issues in my riding.
    Neil’s training certainly gives me more confidence and hopefully I will now be able to attend a bikesafe course and then develop on the IAM course.

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